New Zealand IT-infrastructure - Benoît Felten

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New Zealand IT-infrastructure - Benoît Felten

New Zealand - Success in separating infrastructure from service. Conversation with Benoît Felten, Chief Research Officer, Diffraction Analysis, Thursday, February 7, 2013.

Conversation about the effects of functional separation and what governments can learn from this.

Benoît Felten about New Zealand:

Effects in New Zealand - part of presentations by FTTH Council Europe:

Webinar - FTTH Council Europe:

Chorus - Physical Infrastructure Provider in New Zealand:

Samtal med analytikern Benoît Felten om effekterna i Nya Zeeland av funktionell separation av den nationella dominerande teleoperatören samt vad regeringar kan lära av detta.

Stokab, owned by the City of Stockholm, provides a passive fibre-optic communications network within the Stockholm region. The network is open to all on equal terms and Stokab rents connections to anyone who wishes. Stokab was formed in 1994 to develop a competition neutral infrastructure able to meet future communications needs, stimulate competition, promote diversity, offer freedom of choice and minimize the need for excavation.