Fibre network in Stockholm

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Fibre network in Stockholm

Fibre network in Stockholm - world largest open network. Coverage more than 90 percent households and nearly 100 percent business. The fibre network is a passive network open for all players on equal terms.


Stockholm´s principle approach is that the public sector is responsible for infrastructures including IT- infrastructure. Therefore City of Stockholm created Stokab 1994. The missions is to stimulate competition, promote diversity, offer freedom of choice and minimise the need for excavation on city streets. Stokab´s operations are intended to promote optimal conditions for IT development and thereby the positive development of the Stockholm region.


Research Institute Acreo Swedish ICT says the socio-economic return on Stokab investment in fibre infrastructure is estimated to over 16 billion SEK, or €1.9 billion at the current exchange rate. The result is based on a few quantifiable effects alone and we expect the actual return to be considerably larger.


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